So I am working away on my fall collection. And I am trying out a new supplier who uses lots of eco friendly fabrics. The only problem is picking just a few. I treated myself to lunch to help decide.

Also, I am finding longer blog posts to be hard and a little too time consuming. So I am going to switch over to keeping the posts shorter and more often. You’ll be getting more short updates regularly and I won’t feel like the blog is neglected. I think its a win win.


Workshop Time


This year at the Textile Studio we have Yoshiko Wada teaching about shibori, boro and indigo dyeing to manipulate cloth. So exciting. Above is a sample from our very first day. Hopefully more pics to come as the week goes on. And I am so excited to  launch a new animal for Canada day! More to come on that as well.

hapiness details

Its been one year since I moved into my studio. So I made a little movie about it. Hope you like it!


art is therapy


beautiful objects people